Ice Cream Prompt

I think that ice cream should be able to be had whenever not after 3 pm. I think that because you may want to do something for your family and you need to do it before 3 pm. I also think that you should be able to have ice cream for whatever you want whenever you want. I think that you should be able to have ice cream before 3 pm whenever especially in the summer when it is really hot. Ice cream should be open whenever you want for whatever reason you want even just for fun.

100 Word Challenge

One day in class we had an assignment and we had to do a bunch of stuff to do so I went and did the assignment. Then the next two days we worked on it then we had our grades put in the system. But when my teacher was grading they called me up and said what happened here you have a very low grade. So I told the teacher that I didn’t understand the instructions. So my teacher said that he wouldn’t hold it against me but I still got a small grade. Then I learned to ask questions.

Readers Reflection

Author: nanci turner Stevenson

Title of book: Swing sideways

Number of pages read: 108- 124

  1. Describe one of the main characters in the story and explain why you think they are important to the story.

Today I am going to describe California I think she is important to the story because she always brings life to it when she tries to bring her mother home she really gets creative.  She tries to find her mother’s ponies but then she goes and finds things from her mothers life. But wtih her sense of adventure wtih climbing trees and swimming in lakes and rivers she can find anything that she needs. I believe that she will bring her mom back. California is an important character because she brings life and adventure to the story.

Readers Reflection

Swing Sideways

5.Write about your favourite part of the text and explain why.


My favorite part of the text is when Annie and California are trying to help this dog who is really hurt and Annie did some research on things that will help and now they are trying to help him. California has always wanted a dog so Annie has told he that they would help that dog. Now they are helping him and he is wrapped in bandages and has some medicine. It is my favorite part because I love seeing Annie and California wanting to help different animals and wanting to help them. It makes the story interesting and it shows that they have a good heart.

100 Word Challenge

It was a bright early day and I was heading to the harbor with my dad he had a shipment coming in for our family business. I went with him and he got a few things and he said “ oh that’s right it isn’t coming today.” “ When did it arrive?” I said. “ Yesterday” dad said. I thought to myself that it was ok I didn’t want to really wait the long time it took fro it to come in. So then dad and I went back to the store and then we saw the shipments dad couldn’t believe he forgot.



My Middle School Transition

At our school we split up in group in what middle schools we were going to and learned about them. I am feeling a little excited but nervous because it will be different but excited to try something new. I am excited about the cafeteria it’s like a food court I am also excited about the lockers to be able to use them. I am not looking forward to switching all the classes during the day. I am wondering if we will have a list of the things we need to bring and have for the school year? I view this transition as an adventure it can be a good things and a bad.

Reading Reflection

Book Title: Swing Sideways

Author: nanci turner Stevenson

  1. Describe one of the main characters in the story and explain why you think they are important to the story.

As it says I am reading the book swing sideways I picked to talk about the main character well my book has two girls but I think Annie is the most main character. Annie brings life to the story and her life totally changes the whole story in a good way. Annie has been promised a summer of freedom and she is now trying to find two ponies with her friend California.  Annie is a skinny girl and has a mom who just kinda wants to make her follow rules and do things in a like perfect way. Annie and her personality brings true life and feeling to the story. I can’t wait to learn more about Annie and see what adventures her life will bring to the story!

100 Word Challenge

It’s that time of year for the art ceremony or art show and Bella and her family headed to the woods to go to the show but there was nothing there. They said “ what it isn’t here and but it is today.” So they left the woods and as they were the found this huge sculpture of legs that was here last year and it had moss all around it. So they left the woods and got in the car just driving around the name they saw this sign that said ART SHOW HERE TODAY! So they went over there.

Week 6: Quotes

I am doing activity two in the newest blogging challenge about Quotes and I interviewed my friend Abbie. I asked her the question. “What makes you want to be a dancer when you grow up?”

She answered. “I want to be on stage performing I can see myself there I want every kid to know that they should follow their dreams.”

Three Branches Of Government

Over the past few days we learned about the three branches of government the three branches are the Judical, Executive and legislative branch. I learned that when you are in the judicial branch you have to work in that branch for like all of your life until you die or retire. That’s a long time! I learned many more things but that’s just one. I learned that when you are in the legislative branch you vote on laws that are then passed down to the judicial branch to decide if the law will be passed or not. I also learned about the executive branch and that they carry out the laws that the legislative branch wrote for them. I liked learning about these branches again we had learned about them in the beginning of the year but it is nice to have my memory refreshed.